Fire emblem oc generator

So this super amazing friend of mine is a wiz at coding, and he made a browser-based FE:A Quote Generator. More info under the cut on how to use it:. So, this is a very simple and lightweight program to use. The sprite sheets on feaspritestuff are set up this way already, so you can use those or use them as a base to make your own.

When a unit is talking, the text box usually remains one size, so when making multiple images of text, start with the image that will have the most text to set the size precedence. The top and bottom text are inserted in different boxes. When making the next image, start with the top box text and add as much spaces as needed after it until it lines up with the bottom one. That way your next image will have the same text box length.

Just switch the text box over to the opposite side and then back again. It should go back to the in-game font. Hell of a lot easier than cutting and pasting text boxes and sprites in a paint program right? And you can even upload your own sprites!

Huge thanks to chickenwraiththe programmer of this awesome generator! Welcome to incorrectfeaquotes! Please read the About and Guidelines before submitting! Click here for our ask blog Click here for our greatest hits! Icon by Katie Tiedrich. More info under the cut on how to use it: So, this is a very simple and lightweight program to use. If you have any questions, feel free send us an ask.Tired of having to create a new bio for every Fire emblem oc you make? WELL I can fix that for you. Here is a template that you can use for your lovely Fire Emblem OC.

Here is well your basic character information is. Here you will fill in the details of your character. Simple right? Nicknames: What are some nicknames the people have given you? Race: As we know the Fire Emblem series is home to many unique races!

What is yours? Here is where you'll give details of your characters mentality.

fire emblem oc generator

Tell us how they think, how they feel, what they like and dislike! Overview: Give us a brief overview of your character's personality! Nothing too demanding. Occupation: What do your character do? Are they a knight? A sellsword?

A treasure hunter? Position: Does your character have a position? Head of the Crimean Knights? Backstory: Give some backstory of your character! Or be lazy like me and save that to be revealed through the roleplay! What class will they be when they reach level 20? Affinity: What affinity is your character? Affinity was a support element in older FE games. The month your character was born determines your affinity. Type: What type of unit is your character?

Are they Infantry?Unlike the other Crests, the Crest of Flames is an extreme rarity, having been unseen for over years after the death of the King of Liberation Nemesisthe last known individual to bear the crest. Nemesis killed the goddess Sothis and pillaged her corpse, taking her bones and giving them to Those Who Slither in the Dark.

Hopes and Dreams / Save the World (Undertale) - GaMetal Remix

They then created both the Crest of Flames and the Sword of the Creator from these. She found that in the stone lay her mother's soul. She began implanting the Crest Stone into various humans throughout history in hopes that one would become a vessel for her mother's consciousness to return in, but none were. Upon the birth of their child Byleththey found that they lacked a heartbeat. Desperate to save the life her newborn, Sitri pleaded to Seiros, now going by the name Rhea, to implant the Crest of Flames into her child.

The plan was a success and the newborn was revived, but Sitri died due to the removal. The royal children were all subjected to heinous experiments involving the implementation of other crests into the children, all in a goal to create a puppet Emperor they can control. Many were unable to bear the burden of the crest implants and either went insane or died. As a result, her hair turned white and her lifespan dramatically shortened.

Inthe Officers Academy hired Byleth after they helped to rescue some students from bandits and by the recommendation of Alois and approval by Archbishop Rhea.

fire emblem oc generator

Professor Hanneman expressed interest in Byleth and asked to see if they bore a crest. When using his device, he discovered a crest never seen before as his device has had no prior information about this crest. The Western Church of Seiros infiltrates the Monastery with the intention of raiding Seiros 's tomb for her holy corpse.

Instead of a body, they found the Sword of the Creator. Byleth disarms the leader of the defectors and unleashes the sword's power. Rhea reveals that Byleth's crest is none other than the Crest of Flames as only an individual bearing that crest can wield the Sword of the Creator.

As such, she allows Byleth to use the sword. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. The following section contains spoilers, viewing it will cost a lot. Are you prepared to pay for it? It's a pleasure doing business with you! Sitri Edelgard von Hresvelg "End of spoilers. Categories :. Cancel Save. Byleth - Sothis. Yuri - Balthus - Constance - Hapi. Flame Emperor - Death Knight - Metodey. Goddess - Seiros - Sitri - Nemesis.

Cethleann - Cichol - Indech - Macuil. Aubin - Chevalier - Noa - Timotheos. Fire Emblem 0 Cipher.Hello, Guest! Login Register. Register today to join in with discussions on the forum, post comments on the site, and upload your own sheets! Sprites Models Textures Sounds. Fire Emblem: Awakening. Morgan Female. Morgan Male.

Robin Female.

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Robin Male. Anna NPC. Placeholder Portraits. Plegia's Tactician. Robin Female 1. Robin Female 2. Robin Female 3. Robin Male 1. Robin Male 2. Robin Male 3. SpotPass Characters. Anna Five-Anna Firefight. Anna Hot Spring Scramble. Anna Summer Scramble.

Lissa Harvest Scramble. Morgan Female, The Future Past. Morgan Male, The Future Past. Old Hubba. Anna's Confession. Aversa's Confession. Basilio's Confession. Brady's Confession. Cherche's Confession. Chrom's Confession.

Fire Emblem

Cordelia's Confession. Cynthia's Confession. Donnel's Confession. Emmeryn's Confession. Flavia's Confession. Fredrick's Confession.We are creating the gamer's guide to the Fire Emblem seriesand because it is a wiki, you can help! She is the 15 year old daughter of a village magistrate in Pherae and childhood friend of Wil.

She is a sweet young girl in search of her long lost brother. Rebecca is of the Archer class. A daughter of a Pheraean village chieftain, Rebecca is tomboyish, helpful, bright and enjoys cooking.

She joins Eliwood's group to search for her missing brother Dan, through support conversations it is hinted that he is actually DartCaptain Fargus' most trusted mate. He left her, along with their childhood friend Wilon a journey 5 years ago, and has been missing ever since. She later becomes a retainer and nanny in the Pheraean court.

If Rebecca and either WilLowenor Sain get an A level support, there will be an alternate ending where she and one of them get married and have a child together by the name of Wolt.

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fire emblem oc generator

And be sure to read over our Policies and Article Guidelines. For a list of to-do tasks, follow the link below:.

Want your community included? See how! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Fire Emblem Gaiden. Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. Fire Emblem: Thracia Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem.This mechanic is almost key to the Fire Emblem formula, producing two numbers when one engages in battle: hit and critical. The hit percentage is out of one hundred.

For example, if the hit number was 75, and the RNG produced 74, then it is a hit. If it produces 76 or higher, then it is a miss. The same process is used for determining criticals, but a solid hit is usually required in order for one to be possible. Note that in all games starting from Fire Emblem: The Binding Bladethe Random Number Generator generates two numbers instead of one for hit chance, and the average of the numbers is the true hit value; in other words, a displayed hit hit shown on screen of 75 will actually hit on any two numbers whose average is less than or equal to This is beneficial to the player, as their units usually have higher hit rates while the enemy units tend to have lower hit rates.

However, for Fire Emblem releases that are released before Fire Emblem: Binding Bladelike Fire Emblem: Thracia and translated into English by fans of the series, the RNG has not been changed and as a result, enemy units may seem more likely to hit the player's units.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Cancel Save.Take a look at this first image. It shows Lyn and her movement and attack range. Lyn starts off with a movement rate of 5 spaces. This allows her to reach any point in the blue field. It's important to note that you can move her to any designated spot, have her move, and then cancel her movement by pressing the B button. This will return her to her original position. In addition, the game will not save, since a command was never completed.

To determine an RNG, make a circular loop path as shown in this illustration. As you can see, the path takes up 5 spaces, which is Lyn's maximum movement range.

What would happen if she moves one more space up? Well, since her movement range is only 5, the computer will have to reconstruct the arrow path so that it is 5 spaces or less.

Both paths are perfectly legal. Normally, the computer will take the path that takes the least amount of movement spaces bypassing mountains, forest, or any other obstacle that takes more movement spaces or prevents movement into a space. Here, though, there is no better path. In this example, Lyn is about to attack an enemy Brigand, in this case, a boss named Bug. The combat information screen shows that Lyn has an attack strength or Mt, Might of 4.

Also, there is a 2x symbol in the Mt screen. This means that Lyn will attack twice in this turn. Her opponent, Bug, has an Mt of It seems that Bug has the advantage, but we fail to see the hit percentage.

Lyn attacks first. The game will take the first 2 RNs and calculate an average. Here, we have 2 low numbers, so our average will be below the number Since the game calculates a hit, a 3rd RN is used to determine a critical hit. Here, the RN is high. The enemy unit will now lose 4 hit points. Now, the enemy will be allowed to counter-attack.

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